Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where You Are?

Almighty calls to open tender eye
Lies in bosom deep me and thy;
He’s dwelling everywhere;
On air, water clear, pool and river;
Beholds with thousands of eyes,
Never differs from urban or country wise.
Same and loves all hearts
Made of us by virtue ere,
Lends the same all worlds there.
Me and you, you and me;
Made of his subtle skill and grace,
His love showers on lamb and fly
Poured in tender heart of me and thy.
O listen gentle voice by heart,
Don’t miss a chance to throw out dirt
Of violence, misery, usury and flirt.
We are the same for thine,
Where you’re, calling for love wine.
He calls you to open thy heart,
Will reach only on holy concert.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Successful Management

Successful Management
Characteristics of Successful Management 01
Management as a Leader

Being a leader of some company or else, Management (a single person) should follow the virtue of Leadership to get more output of his efforts, time and money.
You know the facts that when you get success, you are not drawn by the seniors; you are promoted by the help of juniors or assistants. And to get their help and support you have the virtue of good leadership. These following virtues can make you a good leader in business, in social clubs, in home or anywhere you want to be.

Virtue of good leadership –

1. Look at the things in the view of others who would you want to impress. This is the method of getting results which you want. When you look the things in the view of others; you can know the desires of other and you can deliver it which can impress them most. The leaders who understand the interest of followers, and imagine you in place of them; will be more impressive .You should know that they have different interest, income, intelligence and background. Ask yourself if I would be in place of them, what would be the reactions to that mater. How could be done if I were in place of him? Think the fact and follow the same.

2. Be humane to the assistants- Don’t dominate one’s humanity. Don’t follow severely the written laws and acts of the company, those are made for mere a guide lines. Cool and technical specialist could not be an ideal boss. And those who touch the topmost stage of Leadership want to be more humane to the assistants. Respect the person and help them to increase faithfulness, devotion and do invest to grow efficiency in them. Give them the feeling of job security and feel your job is secured too. Don’t criticize publicly of one’s mistakes. Contact personally first, praise his good works and give him tips for better area of work and better ideas to use them.

3. Think about progress- Always think about progress, believe on progress and try hard for success. Look for better performance. Think mostly of better techniques of work. Maintain the higher level of work. Use the creativity of assistants and use the energy of them.

Employees learn more from their boss. So always do better before them. Companies, clubs, unions and every organization can be reorganized well in the direction of higher to lower. It means if the higher authority of ranks wants to progress and achieve the fixed target, the assistants also want to get it, but not very often, it depends on the behavior and presentation skills of his seniors or boss.

4. Save your time and invest it to make better ideas of progress- Time management gives you more ideas to save time. Use the saved time to make plans for better results of the company or office. Loneliness provides you a sum of vacant time. Successful leaders like religious, politicians, or social reformers use their super power in loneliness. They use it for creativity; they use it in soliloquies or self- talking. Self talking is a powerful concept for business administrators and management too.

5. Think positive and be positive – Think better do better and do the best.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


To delay or to postpone a work from day to day is a very avoidable thing. We should not delay any work or postpone it for tomorrow whenever it is not necessary. Tomorrow is not confirmed. It will come any important work or any misfortune can follow you. Some unwanted things can be come and we can’t do any thing more on tomorrow.

Procrastination is always a bad habit. In place of it we should be ready to do the work at a time at first glance or at first chance. “Do the work, and it will be done.” In the great drama Shakespeare said by Hamlet
“To be or not to be” was the central idea of Hamlet’s misfortune. In the couplets of saint Kabir said –‘kaal karai so aaj kar, aaj karai so ab, pal mein parlay hoegi bahuri karega kab.’

Postponed work will become heavy for you because your time and mind will engage on it. You can’t do any work properly with the thought of incomplete work. It will destroy your sonorous and sound state of mind.

In view of Management delay of work or to make decision is very harmful. It is very dangerous to achieve some certain target. It draws us back before our competent. It can waste our plans, pre-plans and preparations of work. It can disorder our plan. Suppose a meeting of field officers, field workers or branch managers is organized. They all come with some preparations, their time is invested, some traveling charges are invested and all these wasted by a single postpone of meeting. Total loss of time, money and efforts is depended on the size and purpose of meeting.

It delays our making decision. It increases pending works, a large number of files on table, it creates pressure and we lost the peace of mind. Delayed works always follow you like ‘a ghost’ and you can’t sleep with peace. If you don’t care or bother by the hump of files or delayed works your promotion or success will naturally be delayed. In some cases it can be the base of punishment.
But…you can delay or postpone the things like Anne Frank says-
“From tomorrow on I shall be sad.
From tomorrow on.
Not today, today I shall be glad.”

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Theory of Management

Theory of Management
At first many - many thanks for reading this blog which contains sparkling Diamonds for you. Oh No! I’m not over confident. Please go through honestly and find the gems you like most…….
What is management?
It is sure that one who manages some things, any project and any office is called manager and his whole work is called management. If you haven’t any office or project you can’t manage it. But of course it is not necessary to have an office or project.
You being a simple person can get advantage like an office manager. So what are those doctrines? Please see here patiently I’m presenting here briefly to save your precious time and money…….
Officially Management is a series of managers and officers who indulge to achieve the separate target but in whole their goal is the same as the success of institution, to increase production, financial gain or profit.
Being an employee of a firm or company they all have some qualities which help them to establish as a good manager or officer.
Essential Qualities:-
Personal management: - One should manage first own personality. An effective, charming and good-looking healthy personality always attracts good ideas and better achievements. He can get better opportunities. His superiors and subordinates are ready to follow him.
1. If you are that person you have to arrange your work by the sequence of importance.
2. Your relationship with assistance should be polite and enthusiastic.
3. You have to praise them on their each minor or major achievement. You should pay attention them personally and call them by their name by giving importance.
4. You should arrange official or unofficial meeting and allow the employees to provide their fruitful thoughts and ideas. As manager should be a good listener. He listens ideas of increasing production, of lessen cast value, manufacturing problems.
5. The basic theory of management is that there would be one and only one boss upon one person. Only one person or authority has power to take action or dismissal.
6. Reformation is the booster dose of production. They should ready to apply new ideas, to take risk for better results.
7. Don’t interfere the authority of others.
8. Don’t hurt personally even he is on mistake. See every mistake in positive attitude and be sure to not to do again in future.
9. Stimulate to give advice. Accept good advises and apply them.
10. A good management gives work and guidance to assistants. He should think upon future plan and future development. He should prepare good officers to help him.
11. Do important work first for better results.
12. That work is the best when the worker can say that they have done it not boss. It means as a leader management should be behind the worker.
13. It is said that the best leader is that who is behind the follower not in front.
14. The best management is that who unknowingly done the work with the hands of assistants.
15. Trained the assistants & give them responsibility to develop them. And give them chance to do new and to take risk.
16. Management should help their officers & workers to what they want to perform for better results.
17. Management should be heartily & honestly be well-wisher of assistants.
18. According to Parkinson’s Law work stretched to the available time. And staff is increased if work is available or not because unnecessary staffs grow work for each other.
19. Lack of space in the office increase the deduction of work & expenses and people try to their intelligence.
20. Concentrate more upon target and results than the process of work.
21. Check the circulation of unnecessary reports forms they all waste time, labor and money. In place of it call important reports clear and briefer.
22. Control the employees not by notice or instructions but by giving them a certainly achievable target.
23. Purpose or target based management & decentralized method provide the highly intellectual employees an opportunity to use their energy and skills.
24. Salary of an employee is given for his work or contribution to development of institution and not for his designation. One should by his work not by his designation.
25. Avoid repetition of words in instructions. Your words are very powerful & effective. Use minimum and exact words easy to understand. It will save your and his or her time in the same way. This concept is very effective for telephone & mobile too.
(Please add your valuable ideas to develop the theory of management which can provide help who seeks for it.)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Time Management

(For those who wants to save their time & money)
What is time?
Time is a power which spreads backward infinitively and forward will spread infinite. Time can be defined as duration of two or more events. Time is the power of nature which indirectly develops an event to another. We know that Power loss and power generation, changing the strength of material. It is said that an atom losses its power or strength regularly.
Every living body from its taking life tends to death. The time increases its living power and absorbs its living power.
You can not get anything before time and not more than your labor. But by chance someone gets more than his labor or before the time it will not be use in proper way and be misused.
It is said that ‘Time is money’ but it is not correct. Exactly it is expected money. If you can use your time, then you can get money by using your time or chance.
Do you want to save your time or earn money?
If yes then click here.Well you want to save your time then you should know the facts that ‘Time Management’ is a part of ‘Power’. There or eight kinds of Power as…
1. Health 2.Wisdom 3.Money 4.Management 5.Organisation 6.Goodwill 7.Vigourness 8.Truth
1. Health:-Health is the first need of all power without it all powers are meaningless and you can not get or take advantage of any other power. Simple, easy and natural lifestyle give you benefit of good health. To manage your time your health should be perfect.
2. Wisdom:-Worldly knowledge is education and to adopt completely of human duties and liabilities is wisdom.
First idea to gain knowledge or education is to experience
its need. Then reasoning, introspection, concentration and to take interest in debate are the highway of wisdom.
To understand the lack of knowledge and to take interest and try to get real knowledge to get knowledge make your wisdom perfect.
3. Money: - Trade, production and manufacturing are the best method of earning money. As we know Money is the most dominating power of today.
“Reliability, good behavior, laborious, honesty, good things, display, decoration, advertisement and accountability can help to develop your business.”
“If you want to become Rich, Don’t spend like poor.”
“Richness comes with the money, how much it stays with you and not how much you earn.”
4. Management: - One who manages properly is a good manager.
A good manager should be smart, awakening, tidy and punctual. His thought and work become proper and he gradually becomes a good manager.
5. Organization:-Today the power of organization or power of union is well established. Equality and mutual helpfulness is the base of a good organization. You should take interest in organized enterpriser.
6. Eminence:-One who gets eminence by his behavior, good thinking, honesty and devotion can get help directly or indirectly.
“Eminence is the God gift to fulfill the soul”
7. Vigour:-Vigourous person win the battle of life. In difficulties
He doesn’t loose his sense. Self esteem, religion and securing ones honor man should be bold.
Believe on ‘the eternity of the soul’ gives confidence and fearlessness of death and that one can be develop more boldness in him.
8. Truth:-“Truth is the main extract of the Metaphysics.”
Truth is too strong to cut by any weapon or destroy by anything.
Whose thought and work are true is the most powerful and bold person, none can defeat him.